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5 Eco-Friendly Fashion Gifts Everyone (and the Planet) Will Love

When it comes to buying the right gift, you might be on the hunt for a unique or practical one — but what about eco-friendly? Is there even such a thing as eco-friendly gift giving?

We’ve all been there — receiving a gift that ends up in the trash after just a month or two, contributing to unnecessary waste. So, next time you’re looking for a thoughtful gift for someone, why not consider being kinder to the environment by getting an eco-friendly gift? Not only will they love it, but doing so will help protect the Earth.

Now, you might be wondering what exactly “eco-friendly” means. “Green,” “earth-friendly,” “ethical” and “environmental-friendly” are all words that get thrown around often to mean the same thing as eco-friendly. At Margo’s, we prefer to use the term “sustainable,” meaning there’s at least one specific way our products benefit the environment, not just now but in the long run. 

For us, sustainability means using the Earth’s resources in a way that future generations can meet their needs. That’s why everything we do at Margo’s is aimed at leaving the planet better than we found it. 

Our approach to sustainable fashion creates jobs as we work with small communities including markers, artisans, craftsmen, and artists to reduce our carbon footprint.

Now that you know what eco-friendly means, let’s explore some sustainable fashion gift ideas for your loved ones. The products on this vetted list have at least one sustainable attribute (if not more). 

1. Organic Sirri

A Sirri is more than a simple gift; it’s a warm hug from you whenever someone wears it. Made from organic cotton, this hand-woven fabric from Margo’s is not just organic but soft and is the perfect gift to give someone during the cold periods of the year.

2. Poly Fabric Female Stitch Gown

Who doesn’t love a statement stitch gown when the temperatures start to rise? This versatile vegan stitch gown is a perfect sustainable fashion gift that will allow your recipient to complement tons of other outfits. 

Made from poly fabric (polar fleece — recycled plastic bottles), this stitch gown is breathable and ideal for your loved one’s next getaway.

3. Sustainable Skirt & Crop Top

If you truly want to go out of your way and get an ethical fashion gift for that special someone, this stunning skirt and crop top is a great idea.

The top is a high target African-inspired print. Practical and comfy, these sturdy cotton fabrics have a timeless look and your recipient can wear them pretty much throughout an entire year before they can think of ditching them.

4. Organic Cotton Mask Top

5 Eco-Friendly Fashion Gifts Everyone (and the Planet) Will Love

Made from organic cotton and recycled polyester, Margo’s mask top and bottom is a solid staple for any man’s wardrobe, with each top coming with a unique hand-painted drawing. Margo’s hand painting gives meaning to clothes and reduces quick throwaways into the environment.

Surprisingly soft to the touch, this dress wears quite well  — not too slack or too tight — and the gray color makes it easy to pair with any footwear.

5. Margo’s Cotton P Set

5 Eco-Friendly Fashion Gifts Everyone (and the Planet) Will Love

Not only does this fabric fuse the charms of the tunic and those of the traditional African boubou, but it is also made with organic cotton, helping to keep the environment green. The hand embroidery on the P Set is aimed at reducing carbon footprint which is a sustainable method in Margo’s manufacturing process. 

Incorporating refined tunic sleeves and attributes specific to the African coat, Margo’s Cotton P Set is the perfect gift for the man obsessed with keeping the planet green.


These were just a few eco-friendly fashion gift ideas to help you get inspired, but you can find a ton more in the Margo’s shop.

With this list of eco-friendly fashion gift ideas, shopping for sustainable gifts shouldn’t feel stressful ever again!

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